What Is the Point of Writing an Essay?

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“Ahhh! These teachers have nothing else to do but assign us essay writing tasks! What good are they going to serve us anyway?! All they do is a mere waste of time and pages!”

If you are a student, you might have found yourself speaking something similar to the nature of the statement above. You might have started with such statements and then might have cherished the act of procrastination. Shortly, you might have sensed the rush of the clock and might have tried to play your last cards. It is liable that you might have failed in this desperate attempt of yours and might have invited failure your way.

If this story sounds familiar, you do not want to go down that road again. Instead, you should complete all your essay writing obligations timely. You either may consider hiring professional custom writing assistance or can do it yourself within the assigned time-frame. However, one question may have always concerned you: “what is the point of writing an essay?”

Writing an essay helps you in numerous ways, which are often concealed from you. To help you identify theses pluses, refer to the advantages extended by the task of essay writing task below:

Enhance Communication Skills

Consider yourself in a situation where you have to converse with people and make them agree to your viewpoint. Of course, this situation is intimidating, as you may get sweaty palms or might fumble while communicating.

However, if you practise writing, you will learn how to maintain the flow of information. In turn, you will also fortify your communication skills and that too unknowingly. Therefore, writing an essay allows you to mind map your ideas and deliver them effectively during your oral communication.

Increases Knowledge Bank

Teachers assign students various essay writings at a time, which annoys students to the core. Nevertheless, they do not realise how important this essay writing turns out to be for them. As they write, they learn new concepts and grasp novel pieces of information for themselves. Thus, unintentionally, they improve their knowledge bank, which backs them up from time to time.

Furthermore, through essay writing, students learn to jot connections between different concepts and, thus, improve their analytical skills to a whole new degree. Therefore, their written content falls into a standardised format, and they learn to deliver their message adequately across the other end.

Improves Grasp of Language

From the cradle, nobody has learned a certain language in depth. All of this requires practise, and this is the very reason why institutions have come up with the idea of essay writing. They ask students to produce essays and highlight the mistakes committed by them. This allows students to polish their writing skills and also learn the basics of a particular language in detail.

As students receive essay writing tasks from time to time, the practise also allows non-native students to grasp hold of a language other than their mother tongue. All of this is made possible because students learn to structure their sentences, use correct spellings, comply with grammatical rules, and include correct punctuation. In the long run, this skill comes handy to produce resumes, email, reports, and writings of a similar nature.

Encourages Self-Expression

It is important to express your thought process effectively; however, it is better to do so in a creative manner. The task of essay writing allows the student to achieve the same, and if the student has injected their personality in the writing, it truly reflects through the qualitative feature of the written piece.

Enhances Creative and Critical Thinking

Creative thinking allows you to elaborate on your thought process interestingly. It is an art, which allows you to brainstorm ideas adequately and present them as per your audience’s nature. On the other hand, critical thinking allows you to narrow down your list of ideas in a simple manner. As the nature of these two attributes is converse, it is very difficult to amalgamate critical and creative skills altogether. However, writing an essay allows you to do so. [Read : How To Generate Ideas for Writing Essay]

Initially, when you write an essay, you have to come up with many ideas. Here, you need to put your creative thinking ability to use. As you progress with the writing process, you have to present your ideas as one cohesive unit, and this is where your critical thinking comes into play. Hence, the process of essay writing polishes your critical and creative thinking abilities altogether.

To conclude, if you previously had any doubts about the advantages of essay writing, hopefully, they are resolved after referring to the text above. Remember, all these advantages can eventually be earned if you stay consistent and committed to the practise of essay writing. Thus, grab your writing device and produce a great essay now!


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