US Vs. UK: Where Do You Pursue Your Degree In Law?

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Selecting an educational institution is an important stage for students. The selected establishment can define the mannerism of practice as well as the job opportunities presented. Individuals need to select a university in a country which present them with the most advantage.

The top two options of higher education in the current day are the US and the UK. Both the countries comprise of prestigious institutions offering the best quality of education. However, despite offering similarity in the quality, there are several factors which set the countries apart.

Particularly in the case of law, students are required to meticulously consider their options to select the country offering the best quality of education. The proceeding factors should be taken into consideration:

Your goals for the future

The goals you have set out for yourself play a significant role in selecting the country to pursue your law education. It would help if you made sure that your goals for practise align with the country you desire to study. For instance, if you want to practise law internationally or in the US, it is recommended for you to select an institution which is located in the US. Similarly, if you plan to stay in the UK, applying to a UK based university is expedient.

Consider the job market

The pattern of the job market should further be thoroughly studied before deciding the country. You are required to understand the current demand for jobs and the predictions for the future in the cities of the US and the UK.

As competition in the job market is on the rise, it is essential to thoroughly inspect each city as the demand may vary within the country as well. You are recommended to select the country which holds a bright future of the students of law.

The type of program you want to study

Research should also be carried out on the type of program you desire to study. Some courses are taught well in UK based universities, whereas others are explained thoroughly in the US. For instance, if you want to do an LLB, you would have to choose a UK based university as US-based institutions no longer offer LLB. Similarly, the programs of IPR, Taxations, and Business law are more popular in the United States.  You must carry out in-depth research on what you desire to do and the best place for you to be able to do it.

The cost of higher education and your budget

Before you take any decision, setting up a budget is crucial. Generally, the educational establishments offered in the UK are relatively more economical than the ones offered in the United States.

Despite this, there are several educational loans and grants available for dedicated students. You are required to go through your options and make calculations to ensure that the selected university fee remains within the budget you have set for yourself.

Working while studying

Affording higher education and the living conditions require you to hold a part-time job. The country you select must provide you with the benefits of working, even If you are an international student.  In the United Kingdom, international; students who are studying on a Tier 4 visa are allowed to work for twenty hours per week. These individuals can hold a job within the duration of the semester as well as the holiday season. In the UK, international students further have the choice of working both on and off-campus jobs.

On the contrary, international students in the United States are allowed to work for twenty hours per week. However, these jobs can only be held on campus. Strict restrictions are present for international students working off-campus jobs.

The help offered

In the United Kingdom, the students of law are provided with a little extra help in the form of law essay help UK companies. Students have the convenience of hiring an online academic writing service on the days that they are unable to work full time.


Before selecting an educational institution, the elements mentioned above should be thoroughly considered and reviewed. The selected university must offer good quality of education and must also be affordable.


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