The most common writing mistakes students have made overtime

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The most common writing mistakes students have made overtime

Your written work is a personification towards your thought process and how you perceive the world around you. It relates in many ways regarding your personality, beliefs, and overall cognition. However, over the years where higher education has eventually transformed into a competitive industry moving towards commercialization, we find students repeatedly making mistakes that may tell us a hidden message regarding the turmoil of our society goes through on a subliminal level. Regardless of the implications of these mistakes on the results of our students and their impact, we present you the most common mistakes students have made over the years in popular fashion, regardless of the concealed reasons behind them:

Spelling Mistakes

Whether it is due to the absent mindedness of the student or simply not caring enough, spelling mistakes are more like blunders rather than just slip-ups. It goes to define that our student body simply fails to deliver adequate amount of practice into their writing skills and if such errors are allowed to exist, then surely aiming towards the pinnacle of writing for pupils may seem like a farfetched idea.

While BBC reports a cost surpassing millions in online sales, statistics reveal that a spelling mistake and its chances to occur per keystrokes from even experts are at 1% while for students writing for past 30 minutes is 1.6%. On the other hand secretaries and clerks are bound to make nonsense words while typing as their rate 7.4% per word.

Fragmentation of Sentences

Where our varsities continuously stressed on the fact that students must implement the use of the 7 C’s of communication in all our verbal and written correspondences, it is surprising that many students still fail yet to deliver complete sentences in their work. ‘Clarity’ ‘Completeness’ ‘Correctness’ altogether make up half of the recommendations for your work to be qualified as reasonable standard to be accepted at your academia, but nonetheless fragment sentences have been found to be the most common mistake student are making nowadays.

Grammatical Errors

The irony of making a mistake is that if it isn’t corrected initially, then it would be given the opportunity to come and haunt you the next time around as well. Statistics report that while 80% of the people may sound confident regarding their usage of proper grammar, more than 36% are bound to make a mistake regardless of their self-actualization of the so called skill as flawless writing. This goes to prove just how important it is to rectify these mistakes, since we let this continue on, then the quality of writing overall will naturally deteriorate.

Whilst most of us are actually quite confident regarding our use of proper language, data collected by organizations clearly show that lack of care and interest to correct our writing mistakes. This clearly depicts the attitude of many people as their writing tells heaps of truth regarding the ideologies they follow as fellow humans on the same planet. In case you want to deliver flawless work for your academia, Essays Writing Service will be more than glad to offer you the best and flawless academic writing help for your essays, assignment, coursework and dissertation writing.


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