Techniques To Optimize Your Writing Time

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Techniques To Optimize Your Writing Time

“Writing”, the single most evident development in mankind’s history that has led to major evolvements of the thinking process and cognitive abilities of our species, over a course of time period that spans thousands of centuries. This is to show that without the existence of this mode of communication, technical progress and major forms of learning throughout any of our generations would have been impossible. Hence there is no undermining the fact that no matter whichever field of study or business industry you belong to; writing plays a major role in development and moving a step forwards towards further progress.

In this blog we will like to offer you some easy to apply and accessible advice to help you in optimizing your writing time and get the most out of your efforts, for a task that involves all four lobes of the human brain:

Start At Daybreak:

Regardless of the fact that there are night owls in our society and those who work late night shifts, becoming creatures of night or simply nocturnal for that matter; writing has always been without a doubt a much easier task to achieve in the morning. This is because there are less distractions and while the world sleeps around or is in the process of waking up, you have all the peace and serenity by your side to rule the realm of ideas and accepted wisdom, without any interruptions or unwanted interference.

Make a Schedule a Stick to It

Our recommendation is that you should regard the process of writing for any field as a specific job or occupation. You need to clock-in and clock-out your efforts and this will help you in developing life-long lasting habit that is self-sustainable and doesn’t deplete itself like willpower over the course of time. In short, start your time form 15 minutes straight, keep it for 5 consecutive days and slowly build it up from there.

Utilize SMART Goals Technique

Many business management students out there would already be aware of this. For those who are not from the field of business administration, SMART goals actually stand for the following: S=specific, M=measurable, A= achievable, R= result oriented, and T= time based. Bu using the SMART technique you are putting yourself in a position where the applied strategy has added advantages to different aspects of your written task. This in return offers you a heuristic approach, which makes the sum of individual objectives and their accomplishment greater than the whole (meaning, you will achieve more with less effort).

Calming Activities

Whether it is jogging, meditation, walking, or yoga, whichever works for you in clearing your mind and revitalizing your thoughts, you should figure it out and apply it whenever the need arises. It is a well-known fact shared amongst many psychologist and educationist that a human mind stops focusing after 45 minutes of continuous gruelling. Make sure that when your body calls out to you, then instead of making a misjudgement of getting right back on track, instead try on giving it the break which it rightly deserves.

We hope that is clarifies a lot of miscalculations and errors in judgment regarding writing tasks and how to go about them. For professional writing assistance catering to your subjects and topics, please visit us at Essays Writing Service, where you can obtain high quality of academic work on time at feasible charges.


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