Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Essay Scores

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Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Essay Scores

There are many tools through which a student’s development can be further improved. However, many teachers believe that essay writing is still the most important of those tools that can hasten a student’s progress, and hence they demand their students to show up with their A-Game while writing their essays.  The task is not as intimidating as many of you think, and putting in a little work could make a huge difference. What you need to do is to identify the smart strategies and ways that could be pivotal in improving your essay scores. In this blog, you are going to read six simple ways through which every student can improve their essay scores.

Be Original:

You must answer the question(s) promptly and with creativity instead of quoting others in your essays. You would have to take a different approach as compared to the others which definitely is risky, but at least it won’t bore the teachers to death. Integrating originality will let you express bluntly, and many teachers would rate and mark your essays on this bold approach of not playing the ‘safe essays’ game favorably.

Be Specific:

We would urge you to be creative in your essays, but we would also suggest you to be specific towards the point. Exaggeration in the areas which do not need long explanations would add irrelevancy, and irrelevancy could cost you the grades. Always remember that the more specific you are, the more credibility you will get from the evaluator.

Use Active Voice:

Ask any senior teacher, professor or a professional academic writer and they will tell you how frustrating it is to assess the essays that are written in passive voice. Every student should learn the fact that active voice is more direct, clear and powerful than the passive voice, and it will also have a better impact on your evaluator.

Conventional Format:

Always remember that the paragraphs are your friend and they need to stay with you while writing. Using the basic essay structure which you learned in school throughout your academic career would be the safest bet while writing the task. Your paper should have an introduction paragraph, two main body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.


The main purpose of writing an essay is to connect it to the bigger picture. Connecting it to the bigger picture means that you would have to elaborate that how your topic could be beneficial towards the previous research, and what impact it could make in the society. That should be your conclusion part where the reader might have to think that it is not the end, but instead, a beginning of something new.


The students must not forget to check their essays at least twice before the submission. Proofread is not the most time-consuming process, but it certainly can save you from little embarrassments. Some students see proofread as a boring aspect, and they love to fast forward this step. However, we would suggest them to visit Essay Writing Service if they want to get all their academic assignments proofread by experts and professionals.


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