Scary Halloween Stories And Academic Stress?

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Scary Halloween Stories And Academic Stress

The UK has finally fallen in love with Halloween! However, since this occasion is still relatively new here, our holiday calendars don’t fully acknowledge it. Many students are forced to forego Halloween celebrations so that they can meet their academic targets.

But you don’t need to sacrifice your personal and social life because of an ill-timed deadline. Here are some suggestions if you need essay help this Halloween season.

From Across the Pond

The iconic American traditions of Halloween only started becoming popular in the UK a few years ago. Many were initially resistant to this commercialisation, but have now come to embrace it.  As this festival is still fresh in the fabric of our society, many educational institutes fail to give students the free time they need to enjoy it. This is especially the case for senior students; most educators recognise Halloween as a holiday for, at most, middle schoolers.

Pumpkin Galore!

Tying Halloween to the image of little children in adorable costumes trick-or-treating on suburban streets is unfair; teenagers and adults can also find a lot of thrill in store for themselves. There’s is no better opportunity to dress up as your favourite onscreen character than this. And there’s no better place to show it off than at one of the many themed Halloween parties that are organized by various clubs, societies, organisations; as well as friends and family.

Restaurants and cafes start offering special Halloween themed menus. Cinemas screen new horror movies. Haunted house attractions crop up across the UK. Catching any of these seasonal features with your friends will ensure that you had a fulfilling and memorable year.


However, participating in these festivities needs time; not just to participate in them, but to prepare for them as well. Yet, it’s as if you’re perpetually costumed as an android robot and are expected to focus on your studies non-stop. Excess work can leave you feeling drained and unable to focus on the very studies that are compelling you to over exert yourself.

Focusing on your academics is important and nobody in their right state of mind can suggest that you sacrifice your studies. But you need time to de-stress for the sake of your mental health, and there’s no better time to do that than at special occasions like Halloween. Yet far too many college educators fail to understand this and assign writing tasks that interfere with student’s attempts at being a participant of this festival’s flair.

Get a Superhero!

When you are torn between completing your writing work and Halloween festivities, don’t fret. You have every right to take a break from writing essays to relax. Work with a professional essay writer so that you have time in your schedule to engage in Halloween to your heart’s content. Get in touch with Essays Writing Service and they will deliver quality work on time. Their native English writers can ensure that you don’t need to compromise on your academics, or your social life.


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