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Essay writing is a task that intimidates students to the core and compels them to seek shelter in the act of procrastination. Of course, this is not a smart approach, and pending things for later serves such students with many adverse effects than anticipated by them. However, students still do not back out from the practice of procrastination. Here, the question arises: “why students indulge in procrastination and make themselves suffer over and over again?”

The answer to this question is simple: they have weak researching skills which frightens them to work on the project. As the submission time arrives around the corner, they have no choice but to work on the essay. However, the time lag affects the quality of their essay to a whole new degree.

If you do not want to be considered amongst such students, you should conduct in-depth research for your essay. This process is not as hard as it seems, and it can easily be done by following the below-mentioned steps:

Read the Prompt Statement

It is important to know what you are required to do in an essay writing. Either you are required to present an analysis, or you have to present a comparison between two situations, find answers to such questions and proceed accordingly.

Identify the Keywords

Often, keywords are also inserted in the essay’s question statement which the student should find. These keywords not only assist the student with the research process but also allow them to include these keywords in his writing. To identify the potential keywords for yourself, read your essay’s question statement and highlight the probable keywords as you go. In this connection, you can also ask your peers to assist you with the process. (what matters when you right)

Clarify Your Confusions

After reading the question statement thoroughly, you may have certain confusions in your mind. Do not keep them to yourself; instead, get them solved by reaching out to your professor during visiting hours. Tell him about your progress and question him about your confusions. He may add a point or two as feedback, and you should note it to proceed accordingly.

Furthermore, if you have any confusions regarding the writing specifications, such as the word count limit or the submission deadline, clarify such issues with him too. Once you have answers to all your queries, you will be in a much better position to conduct effective research.

Segment the Process into Smaller Steps

There are numerous steps for creating an essay, which includes researching, writing, editing, and proofreading. To complete each step effectively, it is recommended to distribute the available time among all these processes. In this manner, you will get your time quotient for the research task and, hence, you can dig in deep in a particular subject matter without worrying about the time crunch.

For refined results, you can consider plotting a Gantt chart for yourself. This task segments the essay writing process into smaller tasks and allows the user to keep a tab on their working progress.

Increase the Radar of Your Research

Essays are given exceptional results because of their qualitative aspect, and this can only be done through the channel of detail-oriented research. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned to amass potential information for yourself. In this connection, you can either benefit from your university library or surf through the internet to gather potential data for yourself.

Maintain a Journal

Often, students lose hold of information sources and, thus, do not include citations in their list of references. This mistake constitutes as plagiarism and students have to face the ensuing detrimental effects because of their negligence. To avoid such a possibility, you should maintain a writing journal to keep a record of the information resources. In this manner, you will be able to cite your document properly and escape the hallmark of plagiarism without any hassle.

Fuse an Outline Together

Once you have completed your research, the next step is to include the collected information adequately in writing. For this purpose, you are required to prepare an outline for yourself. The flow of information in this outline should be smooth and in line with the scope of the topic subject. It is recommended to include the main idea first and then back it up with supporting evidence in the main body section. Each paragraph in the main body should separately discuss one supporting idea. Thus, the first paragraph in the main body should discuss the simplest idea followed by the complicated ones.

To come up with a flawless outline, you are required to create multiple drafts and shortlist the best one amongst them. During the outline selection process, you should fit yourself in the readers’ shoes and assess if you will be able to understand the information flow pattern. If the answer is affirmative, you can then centre your essay writing on the said outline.


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