How to Write a Business Essay?

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“How to write a business essay?” This is a question which concerns most of the students as they try to get their way around it. If you are also among such students, the experts have provided a comprehensive business essay writing guide for your assistance below:

Analyse the Topic Statement

You should read the essay statement multiple times to identify what you are required to do. Assess if the question is asking you to “state,” “identify,” “discuss,” “compare,” or “review” etc.

Generally, there are two types of business essays: a case study and a discussion one. In the former, you are required to study a particular business situation and produce an essay writing on it. Whereas for the discussion essays, you have to examine the topic subject from different angles and perspectives to produce conclusive results. For this purpose, you have to discuss the impact and implications of the topic subject in detail.

In case you are not assigned a writing topic, you can pick something that equally interests you and your audience.

Point Out the Details

Despite the nature of the essay, you should highlight the general sphere of investigation and come up with an action plan accordingly. Furthermore, you should keep other specifications such as the word count limit and essay deadline in check. This detailed insight will help you plan your writing journey, which, in turn, will enable you to produce a qualitative writing document.

Concoct a Writing Plan

Once you have configured the details, you should take a pen and paper to enlist potential ideas for your essay.  Read the question statement over and over again and allow yourself to brainstorm relevant ideas. After doing so, you can derive further ideas from the primary listed ones. Based on this initial rough draft, you can commence your research on strong grounds.

Expand the Research Radar

In a business essay, you have to come up with different perspectives while highlighting the importance of your main thesis statement. This can only be done using strong research and to do so, you should leave no stone unturned to amass relevant information. In this connection, you can visit your campus’ library or surf through the web to locate information for your essay.

Since you may end up with a bulk of information, it is impossible to include all of it in the assigned word count limit. Thus, you have to sieve the collected data and shortlist the details most close to the thesis statement.

Outline the Information

After collecting the required information, you should create an outline for yourself. The flow of information portrayed through this outline should be streamlined and organised for the audience’s better understanding. For this purpose, you should keep the visualised microstructure and macrostructure of each paragraph in check.

Create a Great Introduction

Your introduction should hook the audience’s attention from the very start of the essay. Thus, you should install an attention grabber in the opening sentence to keep the readers committed to the process of reading. However, you should select an attention grabber according to the nature of the audience or else its effect will be futile. Furthermore, in the introductory paragraph, you should also highlight the main objective of your essay for the audience’s better understanding.

Provide Background Context

In case you have a case study essay, you should include some primary information about the organisation or situation. However, you can omit this step for the discussion business essay.

Fortify Your Essay

The main body of a business essay accommodates multiple paragraphs which highlight the importance of the thesis statement. According to experts, each paragraph should discuss a particular supporting idea in an in-depth manner to highlight the significance of the adopted thesis statement.

Conclude Your Essay

In this section, you are required to enlist the potential outcomes from your analysis or discussion. Ensure to keep this section brief and in line with the scope of the topic statement. Thus, you should sum your concluding remarks in a few pointers and should not include any additional detail in this section to avoid the reader from being confused

Include List of References

During the research process, you may have come across several documents and writings. It is important to give due credit to these information sources and, hence, you should cite them at the end of your document. In this connection, go through your institution’s specifications regarding the citation styles and cite accordingly.

Polish Your Writing

Once you have completed your business writing, you should give it a read. You may notice multiple errors of typographical, syntax, and grammatical nature and should eradicate them from your writing for good. Also, you should run your essay’s content on a plagiarism detecting software to get rid of plagiarised text from your essay.

Thus, follow the process above step by step to achieve excellent academic results.


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