How to Structure Essay Phrases

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An essay is not merely a cluster of words that are randomly thrown together in the hope that they will all come together and begin to make sense all on their own. Instead, it is a collection of words, phrases and sentences that are carefully selected and assembled in a logical order to ensure that the essay can achieve the desired effect and meaning. This in itself takes a lot of effort, since everything has to be carefully thought out before it is incorporated into the content body of the essay.

Sometimes, when students are facing pressure, it becomes difficult for them to pick out the right words and phrases, or they are unable to formulate sentences that sound just about right. For this reason, students should consider availing some professional assistance or must-read self-help books that provide specifics about the kind of language that should be used and also what tactics to adapt to achieve that kind of language.

Here are some key tips and points that can come in real handy for students who wish to learn more about how to structure essay phrases. Read them to find out.

  1. General explaining terms and phrases

Within an essay, there is usually a need for writers to explain some point or the other. Even to begin explaining some point the writer has to use appropriate terminologies. Here are some good examples of it.

In order to
In other words
That is to say
To this end


  1. Phrases to add additional information to support a point

When writers want to add some point or information to a matter that’s already under discussion they can use the phrases given below to ensure that the sentence is formulated in a manner that indicates that there is more information that is about to be put forward.

what’s more
In addition
As well as
Another key thing to remember
Firstly, secondly, thirdly…
Coupled with


  1. Terms to depict comparison and contrast

Within an essay, students sometimes have to present a topic from a variety of different angles. This also should be done systematically, and instead of jumping from one point to another contrasting one without logical connection, writers must try to use appropriate phrases that let the reader know that a contrasting point is about to be stated. Here are some great examples of such phrases.

Having said that
On the flip side
On the other hand
By contrast
In comparison
That said

  1. Terms used to list down examples

Other times, writers also need to list down some examples of facts or information to validate their point of view. To do this, there may be multiple points which they wish to incorporate. But it is not simply enough to list them down without indicating that examples are given, as that can cause the essay to sound very choppy and incoherent. So, to avoid this from happening, writers must know the proper terms and phrases that can be used.

For example
For instance
To give an idea
To give an illustration
Take this for example

  1. Summarizing or concluding phrases

Like with other passages, the concluding points should also hint towards the fact that you are wrapping up your essay and have formed a conclusion in regards to it. But there should be a clear signal given to the reader that you are about to state it. Otherwise, there is a chance that they may be left confused. So, in order to avoid this from happening, writers must be diligent with their words and phrase usage and use the appropriate ones to avoid causing any confusion for the reader.

In conclusion
In the end
With all of that said
All things considered
To conclude
Above all
To round it all off

If students hope to score well on their academic essays, it is imperative upon them that they use the correct words and phrases when formulating and structuring their essays. When they fail to do this, there is a chance that the essay may become a big hopscotch of incoherent sentences, not signalling towards anything in particular. Therefore, to avoid this from occurring, they should consider the above-given examples when preparing their essays.

Along with all of these examples, they should also be particular about using the appropriate style and tone of language, following the guidelines that are given by the course instructor. When all these factors are rightly taken care of, students have a higher chance of scoring well on their academic writing assignments, and as a result, may be able to achieve a good final grade on their final term report. So, remember to consult them when you are preparing an essay the next time around.


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