How To Set Realistic Goals

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How To Set Realistic Goals

Most students rarely ever bother to set themselves a timetable that they could work up to. This is because sitting down with nothing but a pen and a piece of blank paper in front of you, and doing nothing except thinking about all the tons of work that you still need to complete, feels too much like a waste of time for most students to want to do it.

If you think about it though, there is no reason why students should not make timetables. They may feel like a waste of time and yet, if you think about it, most students manage to get more work done in the five to six hours that they spend at their educational institutions rather than in five to six hours spent at home when they are supposed to be completing all the tasks that their teachers have set them. Sounds rather incongruous, no? It actually is.

Why More Work Is Completed At School Rather Than Home?

There are a number of reasons why students manage to get more work done at their educational institution but not back at home, and the most important one of these is the fact that, at their institution, students follow a timetable set by the administration that wisely divides up their time amongst the various courses that they are expected to study. After every hour or so, a new subject is introduced for study and students settle down to learn something different yet again.

Teachers too are encouraged to break up the curriculum into smaller segments so that all, even the weakest of students, are able to learn and grasp at the various concepts being presented in each course. This is where students need to take the example set them by their educational institution and design more realistic study goals for themselves at home also.

Welcoming Realism Into Your Life

This is the part where students can really begin to act in a more realistic manner: they can start by setting themselves smaller goals that are a lot easier to achieve. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Your eventual goal may be to clear your exams and get your degree, but thinking about the broad goals is just a start.
  • Begin to get more specific. How are you going to reach that point? Divide your goals into segments. Make these segments as specific as possible.
  • Decide if you need to make any preparations to complete the task. Go ahead and list these out.
  • Take into account any personal limitations that could affect your work. At this stage, it would also be a great idea to think of any external factors that could potentially affect your work, or the goals that you are working towards.

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