Expository Essay Writing: Simple Tricks

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Expository Essay Writing: Simple Tricks

Expository essay is designed to expose the topic under discussion. This means that the writer inspects, examines and illustrates the idea, and then the idea is presented with clarity and simplicity to the audience for understanding.

These essays are designed to be unbiased and are not supposed to have the writer’s judgment included in the essay. The writer is expected to present the facts of the arguments without passing any biased opinions on the essay topic. Our focus is on explaining the topic objectively.

Following are the tips and tricks to write a great expository essay:

  • Clarity: The essay that you write should have simplicity and clarity. Expository essays do not use rosy and fancy language. These essays are complicated task because they are to be written with simplicity and this can be hard for tried and true writers who have a lot of opinions. But you have to focus on keeping your rhetoric, simple and making it shine through with clarity and simplicity.
  • Second Person: Second person narrative writing is needed for expository essays. Essays that are written to elaborate to an audience, the content of the essay, will be addressing the audience they are explaining the work to.
  • Methods of Development: There are various methods of development such as:
    • Define: The essays are written to define the topic of discussion. You will define the topic of discussion and then explain the background, explanation and the main pointers that will be included in the identity of your topic.
    • Compare and Contrast: In this essay, we compare and contrast the two sides of an argument. We will show, both the positive and negative sides and see the similarity and differences in various aspects.
    • Cause and Effect: In this kind of essay, we are discussing the actions and their reactions. We discuss the topic in great detail, and how it came to be and how it will affect the future.
    • Classification: One way to write an expository essay is that you will classify the topic under discussion and its various branches and subheadings with details of how the main heading correlates with all the subtopics.
  • Thesis Statement: Expository essays are research based in nature and so like every other research based topic under discussion, the essay will have a thesis statement in the beginning of the essay and in the beginning of every other paragraph.
  • Fact Based Content: A good expository article will have facts and statistics to support the argument. The essay will have objectivity and will not have subjectivity in any way. As said earlier, expository essays discourage personal opinions and focus more on the proven facts.
  • Conclusion: Conclusions are there to restate the argument and summarise all the work that has been done in the essay.

Expository essays are hard to write because they have a strong bias towards simplicity that is not easy to achieve once you have become a passionate and opinionated writer. But you can achieve this goal with focus on objective presentation of facts.

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