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Welcome to the world of academia, where the rivers of tears flow and the land of misery thrives. Where birds are students’ cries and the carnivorous animals are writing projects. In this world, the sun never sets, and students have to struggle continuously to achieve the divine fruit, A-1 grade.

All of this is a hassle, and if you want to make your way to the top, you should follow the footsteps of the experts essay writers of this academic world. For your assistance, the tips provided by these professional writers are listed below:

Read and Reread

Experts suggest that students should invest an ample amount of time in reading and comprehending the prompt question statement. This allows them to decipher what they are precisely required to do. Are they required to identify the key factors or debate further on them? Do they need to discuss the vices or the advantages?

Reading the question statement allows them to get answers to these questions and proceed accordingly. Furthermore, reading the prompt statement allows students to identify keywords so that they can include them in their future writings.

Have a Plan Ready

It is important to have a writing plan at your disposal. For this purpose, you should allow yourself to brainstorm relevant ideas and list them down[Read : How To Generate Ideas For Writing Essays]. Next, use the branch-tree method to come up with secondary ideas from the primary ones. Sift the enlisted items so that you can avoid repetition of the same concept over and over again. Once your list is final, you can use this as a key to initiate the research process.

Lay Your Research on Strong Grounds

Your ideas will only be deemed solid if you provide concrete evidence to back them up. On this account, you should visit your campus’ library or use relevant e-sources to amass the required information. Moreover, if you require statistical data for your writing, you can also consider conducting surveys and polls. However, you should be extra careful with sensitive data and should make use of measures to ensure its authenticity.

Outline the Findings

Once you have collected the required data, you should prepare a writing outline for yourself accordingly. List the main idea first and proceed further to include the supporting ones. However, to improve readability and better audience understanding, you should include the simplest ideas first followed by the complicated ones.

You may have to come up with multiple outline drafts so that you can shortlist the best one amongst them.

Focus on Your Foundation

When the readers read an essay, they rely completely on the introduction to decide whether or not they want to continue reading further. Thus, it is essential to hook the reader’s attention from the very start of the essay. For this purpose, experts suggest including an attention grabber in the introduction’s opening sentence, which can either be a joke, a pressing question, an important statistical figure or a unique fact.

Experts stress that the attention grabber should be selected carefully according to the audience’s nature or else, it will fail to make an impact.

Also, this section should highlight the main thesis statement so that the readers can visualise what to expect next.

Elaborate Your Main Idea

The main body of the essay is responsible for adding evidence to the main thesis statement; hence, there can be multiple paragraphs in the main body of an essay. According to experts, in this section, the student should focus on the flow of information and should avoid creating confusion for the readers. Furthermore, they also advise the students to refute any arising opposing viewpoints in the main body’s paragraphs.

Craft Coherent Concluding Remarks

In the concluding section of the essay, conclusive remarks are provided based on the content provided. These remarks are usually kept brief and limited to one or two lines. In this connection, experts advise students to stay in the scope depicted by the topic subject and to not include any additional information in this paragraph, as it can divert the reader’s attention.

Tweak Your Essay

After completing the writing phase, you should put your essay away for a day or two. With a fresh mind, revisit your essay and give it a read. As you do, you will identify multiple mistakes, which went unnoticed during the process of writing the essay. Thus, you should read your essay’s content aloud and slowly to identify the presence of mistakes and should rectify them accordingly.

Put Technology to Use

Nowadays, there are various technological resources available, which help you enhance the qualitative features of your writing. Experts preferably suggest the usage of plagiarism checking software and grammar mistakes detecting software. Simply, run your content on respective software to filter any grammatical mistakes or plagiarised content from your essay for good.

Make use of these tips provided by academic writers to counter all the writing problems that you may grapple with.


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