5 Professional Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay

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5 Professional Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay can become a very daunting task, especially if the person who has to write out the entire essay is not very proficient at the task. Writing out an argumentative essay, however, is not the highly difficult and insurmountable task, it is made out to be. On the contrary, all that a good argumentative essay really needs is for the writer to follow these five simple tips that are guaranteed to help, and which were available also in form of video, with real, targeted views. They include:

  • Be Passionate About The Subject Matter

In an argumentative essay, it boils down to just one essential aspect: two sides of an argument or a question and whoever makes their case better. For that purpose, then, no one can actually argue about a cause that they do not feel very passionate about, which is why it is important to ensure that the subject matter is close to your heart. However, if the essay is one set by a teacher or is part of some work being completed in class, the fact that you get to choose your own subject that you are passionate about is not a necessity. In that case, the next best advice is to make yourself feel strongly about a certain issue. Find out more information about the subject, read conflicting opinions if you need to so that you have enough information to be able to choose any one side of the argument and talk coherently about it.

  • Choosing A Great Topic

Choose a title that looks fun and will really draw in your reader, even if it is only just your teacher. In this case, go through the headings in newspapers. You will notice that the strongest ones are those with a verb included. So, include a verb in your own title also and make sure that it is provocative enough to interest the maximum number of people.

  • Make The Introduction Really Interesting

The introduction is barely ten percent of the entire essay, yet it is one of the first parts of the essay that any reader will be reading. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that the few sentences that will be included in the essay are pithy, provocative and whet the curiosity of the reader.

  • Make The Body Of The Essay Very Informative

All the facts and figures that you collected for this essay, or at least as many of them as possible, must be included in the body. The body, by virtue of being the largest part of the essay must also be highly informative. The best idea is to take three ideas that support your argument and explain them further in the essay.

  • Wind Up With A Conclusion That Restates The Main Argument You Have Been Making

Restating arguments, stating the opposing point of view in a way that furthers your own ideas and winding up your essay by referring to the introduction again, are all great ways to conclude and ensure that your essay ends on the same high note as it started.

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